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These circumstances rendered the assistance of the Saxons far from being so formidable to the besieged, as the strength of the men themselves, their superior numbers, and the animation inspired by a just cause, might otherwise well have made them.
I would,'' said the Black Knight, ``there were some one among us who could obtain admission into the castle, and discover how the case stands with the besieged.
Is a gentleman, my friend, my guest, to be besieged, entrapped, and threatened with death, because he is suspected?
Nelaton, the Tuileries surgeon, demanded a safe conduct, in the name of science, into the besieged city in order to attend my wounds.
Yes; but in the meantime Belle-Isle is besieged, and my two friends by now probably taken or killed.
During the Parliamentary struggle, Reading was besieged by the Earl of Essex, and, a quarter of a century later, the Prince of Orange routed King James's troops there.
She always besieged the bench with voluble excuses, explanations, apologies and prayers.
A GREAT CITY was besieged, and its inhabitants were called together to consider the best means of protecting it from the enemy.
From that very moment President Barbicane and the influential members of the Gun Club were besieged day and night by formidable claims.
In Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Sunday that three trucks laden with various humanitarian aid items entered Madhiya to which thousands of the besieged Zabadani city have fled.
Besieged by terrorists since 2012, theneighborhood, which is located at the southern
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Kurdish Protection Forces (YPG) besieged the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in the town of al-Houl in Northeastern Syria on Saturday.