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Second, the sense of besiegement felt in Muslim societies since the fall of the Ottoman Empire has discouraged public criticism among Muslims of any aspect of culture their society has labeled Islamic.
Chancellor Maher Samy, vice president and spokesperson for SCC, issued a statement condemning the besiegement of the court.
Gaza's besiegement (a direct consequence of the elections and the civil war) continues to serve both Israel and the PA equally.
As with nearly every other candidate, Obama fully supports Israel's 40 year occupation of Palestinian land and dutifully endorsed the besiegement of Gaza.
The resolution also strongly condemns the use by the Syrian authorities of starvation of civilians as a method of combat, and further condemns the besiegement of civilians.
we were adamant on ending that Israeli besiegement of the mosque even if it cost us our lives.
to end the besiegement of Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jerusalem, and all