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She emanated exceptional chilliness--her own unique chilly emanation; at night she besmeared herself from an assortment of individual jars, and these very jars themselves seemed to be cold: they chilled her face, benumbed her movements, glaciated the air around her.
Byron's desire to be Byron is a mad desire, a desire that drives one mad, since to incarnate (I use this word to call attention to the Christology underwriting both European theories of kingship and the proper logic of the name) Lord Byron is to do so all-too-literally, to be besmeared with "blood's unbleaching stain," or, if choice were involved here, an Imperialistic slaughter of the innocents (Childe Harold I.
Dirt besmeared walls and decaying foundations; every repulsive lineament of poverty, every loathsome indication of filth, rot and garbage - all these ornament the banks of Folly Ditch,' wrote Charles Dickens in Oliver Twist.
Cover besmeared backing pan and put her into the oven.
In one corrupt and corrupting assemblage were to be found the disgusting objects of popular contempt, besmeared with filth from the pillory--the unhappy victim of the lash .
One of them, besmeared black, said, "Seignior, I am a poor miller.
But poetry, which is even more spiritual, intangible, and apparently fragile, is more enduring still: "Not marble, nor the gilded monuments/Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme,/But you shall shine more bright in these contents/ Than unswept stone, besmeared with sluttish time.
We then discussed it in detail because Poe's writing contains many unfamiliar words--bedstead, besmeared, hearth, bureau, bed (as opposed to mattress), Napoleons, metal d'Alger and topaz.
Across the parapet," he said, "I see the mother of African unity and her body is besmeared with the blood of her sons and daughters during her struggle to set her free from the shackles of imperialism and colonialism.
He [the ch ief] was tattooed from head to foot; and his face, besides being tattooed, was besmeared with red paint, and streaked with white.

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