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The head of Lebanon's restaurant owners association said Tuesday that LBCI television was guilty of besmirching the reputation of his sector, amid widespread reports that the country suffers from less-than-adequate food safety standards.
Those who claimed that the pro-Tibet protestors were besmirching the good name of the Olympics (how Hitler and the Israeli athletes shot in Munich must laugh at that one), were conveniently ignoring the blue-suited Chinese enforcers who man-marked the flame.
Burrell, who lives in Holt, near Wrexham, said: 'I can only hope that Mohammed Al Fayed now has the good grace to stop besmirching the princess' memory with his fanciful suggestions.
The dangers of an archetypal theology are even evident in Jung, who was initially fascinated with Hitler's capacity to stir up the old Nordic gods (he soon recognizes the demon incarnate in Hitler, but not before besmirching his own name).