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But if one exercises that "feeling mind," one suddenly discerns a "love and [delight] in flowers and bespangled meadows.
Goya painted Godoy in 1801,thirty-four years old, beefily handsome in a bespangled uniform.
Was it well adjusted of Blake to see "a tree bespangled with Angels" in the middle of a South London suburb?
From the Jazz Age to the fifties, Broadway, drawing its energy from the immigrant ghettos and from a thousand tiny towns in the Midwest, sent up Victorian morals, stood for a new three-ring paradise and bespangled other spheres of popular culture along the way, nurturing musical and theatrical geniuses like Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Moss Hart and Ethel Merman.
The queen, he recorded in his register, is wearing her white wedding robes made of spring fabric and bedecked with the coats of arms of Castile, Leon, and Austria, and bespangled with pearls.
That night was a benefit for a transvestite group, starring the most glamorous individuals in that realm, and we were waiting in line surrounded by bespangled and costumed individuals whose sex was not entirely obvious.
Polidori's diary entries on May 30th and 31st, and June 2nd, give us precise dates for several of these evening excursions, with the June 2nd entry specifically stating "a circular dome bespangled with stars only and lighted by the moon which gilt the lake.
That said, baby bear stumbling clumsily around his mother's rump as she astutely slithered her way across thin ice on her belly was still a better performance than anything a bespangled Todd Carty managed.