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The hands were white, but without delicacy; the feet did not bespeak the woman of quality.
We bespeak your indulgence, you understand, as young performers; we bespeak your indulgence.
I bespeak this very piece of oak for the figure-head of the Cynosure.
It seemed as if Mr Shepherd, in this anxiety to bespeak Sir Walter's good will towards a naval officer as tenant, had been gifted with foresight; for the very first application for the house was from an Admiral Croft, with whom he shortly afterwards fell into company in attending the quarter sessions at Taunton; and indeed, he had received a hint of the Admiral from a London correspondent.
The first thing he did, therefore, when aboard the boat at Boulogne, was to bespeak a private cabin.
HONORED MISS--I take up my pen to bespeak your kind sympathy for my husband and myself; two old people thrown on the world again by the death of our excellent master.