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Holy Spirit, gift bestower breathe into our hearts today.
for I inspired the bestower of the name to call her Primavera .
The role of the court as a bestower of general principles and as an overseer of locally driven experiments gives the process a more democratic--not to mention pragmatic--flavour than the usual form of judicial intervention in rights disputes.
In this case, the heir and her bestower would return to the White House, having traded roles eight years hence.
My friend Shri keeps several Hindu images of the divine in his work space: Saraswati, bestower of knowledge; Rama, bestower of ethics; Hanuman, bestower of devotion and power; and Ganesh, bestower of auspiciousness and safety.
Abdur-Razzaq Lubis defines khalifa as "one who inherits a position, a power, a trust, and who holds it responsibly and in harmony with its bestower.
We were inside the restaurant now, but when we greeted each other, purple marshmallow peeps were exchanged and gourmet coffee beans and a little blank book from a trip to Philadelphia, and a shoe polish cloth from a hotel in the city because I like to pretend a grandmotherly relation to Caeli; I'm a bestower of odd souvenirs.
Marion Seary--reader, bookseller, librarian and bestower of books on the young--was a fierce advocate of excellent writing, beautiful illustrations and deep imagination in books for children.
59) We may think of the trustor as the international community (the bestower of recognition of territorial rights), and the primary beneficiaries as the citizens of the state (in relation to the state's internal duties) and the international community and global commons (in relation to the state's external responsibilities and matters of "common concern").
1:3), and that Mary most holy is His appointed steward and the generous bestower of the treasures of His mercy.