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Samuel Weller, decorated with Bob Sawyer's hat, was seated in the centre thereof, discussing a twin sandwich, with an animated countenance, the expression of which betokened his entire and perfect approval of the whole arrangement.
The straggling cottages by the road- side, the dingy hue of every object visible, the murky atmosphere, the paths of cinders and brick-dust, the deep-red glow of furnace fires in the distance, the volumes of dense smoke issuing heavily forth from high toppling chimneys, blackening and obscuring everything around; the glare of distant lights, the ponderous wagons which toiled along the road, laden with clashing rods of iron, or piled with heavy goods--all betokened their rapid approach to the great working town of Birmingham.
Besides these, and the little mare, the General, her slave and worshipper, had made her many very handsome presents, in the shape of cashmere shawls bought at the auction of a bankrupt French general's lady, and numerous tributes from the jewellers' shops, all of which betokened her admirer's taste and wealth.
The man glanced at the parish-clerk, whose air of consciousness and importance plainly betokened him to be the person referred to, and, observing that he had taken his pipe from his lips, after a very long whiff to keep it alight, and was evidently about to tell his story without further solicitation, gathered his large coat about him, and shrinking further back was almost lost in the gloom of the spacious chimney-corner, except when the flame, struggling from under a great faggot, whose weight almost crushed it for the time, shot upward with a strong and sudden glare, and illumining his figure for a moment, seemed afterwards to cast it into deeper obscurity than before.
The child's own nature had something wrong in it which continually betokened that she had been born amiss -- the effluence of her mother's lawless passion -- and often impelled Hester to ask, in bitterness of heart, whether it were for ill or good that the poor little creature had been born at all.
Working with clay also betokened a certain allusion to innocence and pastoral romanticism, a legacy of the pre-modern period of Indian art.
Another refusenik joke betokened a Jew's undying hope of getting out of Russia by designating the last, legendary Jewish woman in the entire city of Leningrad.
I saw how the proliferation of these books betokened the changing economic and political structures of the Spanish Enlightenment; they responded directly to the need for guidance on the subject of politesse and the proper forms of address and register to use during a period of improving national and local communications when education, even for the elites, was still a scarce commodity and the acquisition of symbolic social capital was crucial.
Very much threatened by liberal impulses in the 1980s, a number of leaders within Yeshiva University called for a kind of isolationist approach from feminist forces, a decision that betokened a move toward "sectarianism" rather than the "church" model of religious behavior.
Hamill's expression at the end betokened his agony at having been found by the producers before the film ended.
Still, there was something in his face that betokened that he would go on until he sank.
Synribo is betokened for adult patients with chronic phase (CP) or accelerated phase (AP) chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) with resistance and/or intolerance to two or more tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs).