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If he is killed because of Dany's attempts to take the Iron Throne, Missandei could betray her because the man she loves was sacrificed along the journey.
Jesus gives us who will betray him not merely the bread of his table; he gives us the bread that is his own body and the wine that is his own blood.
Although these novelists and their characters may betray the hell of their good intentions, the ambivalence testifies to the complexity of the southern psyche.
The masculine face betrays another cryptic self-portrait, as the eyes, more his than hers, confront the viewer in a sneer of emotional stalemate.
In fact, one theory holds that his need for cash to pay for his children's education might have driven him to betray his country.
New Delhi [India], December 9 ( ANI ): Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Indresh Kumar on Saturday slammed the Congress over its alleged Youth leader Salman Nizami's tweet questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi's family background and called for a punishment against those who betray the nation.
If you don't want to betray your husband then ignore his brother's flirting.
When Men Betray is the first novel in a series centered on Hubbell's main character, antitrust lawyer Jack Patterson.
The only way to change the current system is to stop voting for the parties that have betrayed, and continue to betray, the country and the people.
It remains a sad fact that the pattern of acquiescence and assistance to Moscow, which the Yalta conference rightly came to symbolize, helped betray millions of people, entire nations, into the maw of Communism.