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Therefore, if bettors are also fans and gambling is a form of consumption, the sum of the win percentages should have a positive effect on the betting volume.
At least 60 other bettors each won P49,640 for guessing five of the winning numbers.
He pointed out that when a bettor or a jackpot winner buys a lotto ticket, he or she already "directly contributes to the charity projects of the government.
Alexander Balutan, PCSO general manager, said the still unidentified bettor hit the winning numbers 38-14-44-07-26-3, which had a jackpot of P45,394,304.
The proposed Pagcor Text Bonanza is based on a proprietary software developed by Philweb, in which a chosen lottery number is texted by a bettor to Philweb/Pagcor servers via mobile phones.
Ong explained that most lotto bettors belong to the low income sector who are hoping of "tasting the comforts that the rich enjoy.
Five bettors won P280,000 each for hitting five of the winning numbers.
The bettors are required to physically queue at each Lotto outlet in order to purchase their tickets, and during times when the lottery jackpot is large, these lines can extend up to a kilometer long and bettors have to queue for up to an hour under the sun, or the rain, in other to buy their tickets,' Valdes added.
Super Lotto 6/49 on Thursday escaped thousands of bettors again, with a jackpot worth P202 million at stake.