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Unlike others, he did not bewail the horrid conditions and drudgery of the trek, but rather, he said to Lizzie that he had actually gained weight.
When one of the impatient throng in the press room at York, waiting for news on the rescheduling of the Ebor feature races, phoned a colleague in France to bewail their fate, the immediate Gallic response was: "What - have they not offered you any champagne?
Surrey vows to "Honour the place that such a jewel bred, / And kiss the ground whereas the corpse doth rest; / With vapour'd eyes: from whence such streams availe / As Pyramus did on Thisbe's breast bewail.
53, which ends, "Sons, brothers, husbands/to bewail no more,/Tortur'd at home, or havock'ed in the war.
Idealistic younger conservatives bewail the care and feeding of the K Street beast.
Still bloated and swaggering from their victory over their ANWR defeat in Congress last month, they have the audacity to bewail that the recent NPR-A plan amendment would forever ruin the absolute very last 4 1/2 million acres of Alaska's treeless, icy plain.
Christians, who outnumber those of all other faiths combined in the American population, are, to hear Bill bewail it, under siege.
During the blessing, Charles and Camilla knelt and repented for their adultery, saying: 'We acknowledge and bewail our manifold sins and wickedness, which we, from time to time, most grievously have committed, by thought, word and deed, against thy Divine majesty, provoking most justly thy wrath and indignation against us.
Quite understandably, then, his passing is not a moment of great sadness for anyone except those who bewail the changes in Spain since Franco's parting.
Britannia cries, "My sons, restrain your woe; Let ANDRE's name each gen'rous bosom warm, String every nerve, prompt ev'ry hand to arm, 'Till the fell foes bewail their guilty deed, And slaughter'd thousands round their victim bleed
She does not protest, but obtains permission to spend two months in the mountains with her companions, to bewail her virginity.