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COA bewailed the bureaucratic red tape as it stressed that the construction of new fire stations and purchases of new fire trucks and firefighting equipment were supposed to be started as early as January 2012.
He also bewailed of heaps of money being used in buying votes, while an election member was appointed as district ombudsman, over which "our member boycotted while his 1200 lead was converted to his rival's lead by 3200 votes", he stated.
Lewthwaite bewailed Osama's death, vowing revenge on unbelievers.
SWANS chief Michael Laudrup bewailed the "crazy five minutes" that cost his side dear - but insisted he has nothing to reproach his players for.
NNA - Incensed Member of Parliament, Boutros Harb, bewailed on Wednesday the Orthodox Gathering's electoral formula, saying it was tantamount to a visa for Christians to leave Lebanon.
Nwokoro bewailed the fact that the loss of capacity due to these threats often affects quality of service delivery and customer experience leading to a drop in key performance indicators.
But] the total size of the ant fauna [in the entire Philippines] is no doubt much larger,' said the scientists who bewailed the fact that studies of the country's real bio-diversity profile have remained spotty.
And anyone who bewailed the fact that gay footballers weren't "coming out" would have got some very funny looks.
A FEW weeks ago I bewailed the present state of refereeing and the failure of the appointed supremo Mike Riley to make himself available to answer criticism.
SIR - Recently on television an English MP bewailed the fact that his country was under the partial control of the EU Brussels government.
Recently in the Times, columnist Caitlin Moran bewailed the closure of public libraries and, raised on a council estate, described the profound effect that the local library had on her education and writing skills.
Regarding the latter, researchers bewailed uncontroled "leaking" from alleged "holes" in the budget and recommended restructuring of spending, instead of bare cutting.