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The association of incantation with enchantment, and thus with fascination and bewitchment, leads Gorgias to maintain that speech is like magic: it has the power of producing illusions' (Johnstone 2006:277).
The nuns' testimonies revealed the principal causes of the bewitchment and possession: a certain nun and the convent's former confessor.
Lipshaw, The Bewitchment of Intelligence: Language and Ex
Fiction, Bewitchment, and Story Worlds: The Implication of Claims to Truth in Apuleius', in: C.
Such symptoms were considered to have been caused by bewitchment.
Pluck blooms of bewitchment from Stefan Hafner's new Basel collection Ortensia now available at the Stefan Hafner Boutique at BurJuman Centre and at select Damas Les Exclusives Boutiques in Dubai.
Also in Corwin's version Tituba claims to have been rendered deaf by bewitchment during her master's prayers (752).
They focus on mythologies (the witches' sabbath, learned systems and popular narratives of vision and bewitchment, late medieval Balkan mythologies, child witches and their sabbath in Sweden), legal mechanisms and social contexts (water torture, literacy in witch confessions, healing, xenophobia in the courts of Moscow, witchcraft accusations, community conflicts and witchcraft), and witchcraft and folklore (werewolves and witches in Portugal, folklore in Estonian witch trials and witchcraft in eastern Slovenia).
Rudolph traces this bewitchment back to Augustine's storehouse conception of memory.
Witchcraft treatises also influenced the development of thinking about women's melancholy, Neely shows, as skeptics in the witchcraft debate, looking for alternative explanations for ailments attributed to bewitchment or possession and for women's witchcraft confessions, found melancholy to be a plausibly "natural" way to account for their behavior.
Nevertheless, once Gonzalo and the others are freed from their bewitchment, the "old councillor" reveals that they still feel vexed.
At the same time, Gulliver's Travels-like shifts in scale among elements of the installation (for example, between a sculpture of an absurdly oversize Edwardian hand mirror and a delicate female bust on a plinth) drew attention to the artists' romantic bewitchment by the atopian potential of the gallery as a real-time equivalent of filmic space: a site, that is, for pure invention.