beyond dispute

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There was also a goodly jug of well-browned clay, fashioned into the form of an old gentleman, not by any means unlike the locksmith, atop of whose bald head was a fine white froth answering to his wig, indicative, beyond dispute, of sparkling home-brewed ale.
Next day the posters appeared in due course, and the public were informed, in all the colours of the rainbow, and in letters afflicted with every possible variation of spinal deformity, how that Mr Johnson would have the honour of making his last appearance that evening, and how that an early application for places was requested, in consequence of the extraordinary overflow attendant on his performances,--it being a remarkable fact in theatrical history, but one long since established beyond dispute, that it is a hopeless endeavour to attract people to a theatre unless they can be first brought to believe that they will never get into it.
The present case was one in point, and when I said that I could only write in a room facing north, on mutton chops and milk, with a cold ham in the wardrobe in case of nocturnal inspiration, to which I was liable, my literary character was established beyond dispute.
I had no mind to reproach her; but I wished to see her, and to prove beyond dispute that this was true.
That Armstrong is arguably sport's biggest-ever fraud is beyond dispute even if his greatest failure was instead his inability to admit his deception.
What is beyond dispute is this country is the best little country in the world to carry out multiple rape.
Mr Ffrancis claims that the educational benefits of such an education are beyond dispute, but like all zealots he discounts evidence which undermines his case.
Although this is beyond dispute, the vast majority of research assessing climate ignores uncertainty, in large part because of the technical complexities involved.
There remains strong disagreement over the value of right-to-work legislation, but the basic economic facts are beyond dispute.
WHATEVER you think about the referendum, one thing is certainly beyond dispute.
Finally, it is possible to argue about the performance of any government, including this one, but it is beyond dispute that the economic mess that the present government has been trying to correct since 2010 was caused by the government of the Labour Party, who dismally failed to curb the malignant activities of greedy bankers, because that prize idiot Gordon Brown couldn't see beyond the enormous amounts of taxes that the bankers were putting into his coffers.
In doing so, you would be telling your people, the Palestinians, that while we might have a territorial dispute, the right of the Jewish people to a state of their own is beyond dispute," he said.