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Soon-Beom Hong, (1) Mee-Hyang Im, (1) Jae-Won Kim, (1) Eun-Jin Park, (2) Min-Sup Shin, (1) Boong-Nyun Kim, (1) Hee-Jeong Yoo, (1) In-Hee Cho, (3) Soo-Young Bhang, (4) Yun-Chul Hong, (5) and Soo-Churl Cho (1)
747 kg heroin, 1068 bottles of liquor and 28000 kg bhang from the accused involved in narcotics business.
And the ingredients are not what you'd easily find in the kitchens of middle- class homes big cities -- after all, how many of us have cooked with bhang seeds, masala pn , mahua flowers and jute leaves?
Another important part of the festival is a mildly intoxicating drink called thandai, mixed with Bhang paste, made from cannabis.
The Primitives-on-helium pop of debut single Jail La La is a real joy, It Only Takes One Night, a frenetic drone, is somehow haunting despite the pace and Bhang Bang is a gloriously twangy nod to Nancy Sinatra's classic.
It added that a bhang package mentioned inthe case should be added to the file of the case.
The report on the new autopsy ordered by the Prosecutor-General shows that Khalid Saeed died of asphyxia caused by choking on a strange object, which after analysing was found to be a plastic packet of the green drug known as bhang," Yasser Refae, the First Attorney-General in Alexandria said on Wednesday.
Apparently, if you ask for a bhang lassi in India, the drink comes with dodgy drugs blended in.
Navdeep Kandola, 34, picked up the Best Picture Award at the Toronto Spinning Wheel Film Festival for Bhang Goes Da Green Revolution.
The police have also unearthed 19 distilleries, arrested 130 drug peddlers and recovered 36 kilogramme hashish, over seven kg heroin, one mound bhang, 2564 litre lahen.
General Bona Bhang Dhol, a close ally of President Salva Kiir and chair of parliament's committee on legal affairs in the state parliament, said his committee had noted a lot of inconsistencies to the constitution and subsequently recommended the leadership of the house to strictly follow the law to avert backlash from critics.
The officials have 668 culprits involved in drug business and registered 620 cases besides recovered 4005 litters liquor, 17kg chars, 5Kg heroin, 105Kg opium and 109 Kg bhang.