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It began in 1949 when Corrina's grandfather, George Bicker, started a nursery where he grew pot plants and tomatoes to sell at market.
FAMILY CONCERN: Cheryl and Graham Bicker with daughter Corrina Deane at Melbicks (inset).
Bickers was born in Colwyn Bay and educated in Llandudno but has lived and exhibited in Holland.
Bickers, professor and chair of the department of dermatology at Columbia University, New York.
Bickers D, Calow P, Greim H, Hanifin JM, Rogers AE, Saurat JH, et al.
Stein and Bickers suggest not; instead, they suggest that the two extant models have neglected to include a key player in the policymaking process, namely, interest groups.
It turns out this is not Ms Bickers at all but a copy of her magazine cover which just happened to have an attractive female face on the front.