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BIDDER, contracts. One who makes an offer to pay a certain price for an article which is for sale.
     2. The term is applied more particularly to a person who offers a price for goods or other property, while up for sale at an auction. The bidder is required to act in good faith, and any combination between him and others, to prevent a fair competition, would avoid the sale made to himself.
     3. But there is nothing illegal in two or more persons agreeing together to purchase a property at sheriff's sale, fixing a certain price which they are. willing to give, and appointing one of their number to be the bidder. 6 Watts & Serg. 122.
     4. Till the bid is accepted, the bidder may retract it. Vide articles, Auction and Bid; 3 John. Cas. 29 6 John. R. 194; 8 John. R. 444 1 Fonbl. Eq. b. 1, c. 4, Sec. 4, note (x).

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As disclosed in proxy materials previously filed by Morgans with the SEC, Bidder V had, on July 18, 2016, submitted an unsolicited, preliminary proposal for an acquisition of the common stock at USD 2.
WARC tenant improvements, Wenatchee; apparent low bidder was Halme Builders.
The new rules are likely to apply not only to the bidder but also any group company substantially involved in the bid.
While eBay auctions are similar to traditional English auctions where bidders incrementally raise their bids until all but one bidder stops, there is one key difference: the auctions have a set ending time.
A governmental entity contacted by an individual or company that reasonably appears to be attempting to influence the procurement during the "black out" period must be disclosed and the contacted state agency must record the contact, obtaining the following specific information for each contact: name of the person and company, address, telephone number, place of principal employment, occupation, and whether the person making the contact was the bidder or a lobbyist retained by the bidder.
However, because this involves a good deal of planning and effort, there is a market for sniping agents that will allow a bidder not only to submit a proxy bid but to do so at the last moment.
First, and least subject to debate, is that the financial market response to a merger announcement, in terms of abnormal returns to stockholders, reflects expectations about all of the elements (not only efficiency) that may influence the general performance results of a merger as well as differences in expectations between investors and bidders.
Construct Wells Hydroelectric Project interpretive center, Douglas County PUD; apparent low bidder was Whitebird Inc.