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We first present the existence of local Hopf bifurcation for system (1.
3, we have the following result on stability and Hopf bifurcation for difference equation (2.
Benzoni's focus on the metaphysics of the soul as the primary basis for the bifurcation of humans from non-humans is both interesting and suggestive.
The bifurcation behaviour of the system is studied by solving the model equations using the continuation software CONTENT 1.
Similarly, the other proposal contains information related to bifurcation of Discos, division of service area, staff, grids, lines, resources etc.
Next company on bifurcation list could be Qesco which is providing power supply in the whole Balochistan excluding District Lasbela.
The bifurcation ratio is a ratio of the number of streams (Nu) in the specified order to the very next higher order (Nu + 1) number of streams.
Bifurcation lesions are among the most frequently approached and challenging coronary lesions for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).
The Chief Minister has already raised the issue with the Centre and also wrote a letter to the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh demanding expediting the process of bifurcation of the High Court.
Recently, the Hopf bifurcation has been given much attention, and those works about bifurcation mainly include the validated existence of bifurcation and its control [2-5].
If approved, the Tryton Side Branch Stent would become the first bifurcation stent available in the US.