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So impressed is Bob Novak by the revelations in The Big Ripoff that he feels that Tim Carney should be put in the same category as Upton Sinclair, whose book The Jungle allegedly revealed the scandalous goings-on within the meatpacking industry more than a century ago.
Most of the time, the children's parents hear about Big Fun through word-of-mouth or from one of their other children.
Utilizing GPS/GIS satellite data, the group assembled a database that included all the big trees in a sprawling watershed district including portions of Hunterdon, Mercer, and Monmouth counties.
The big buddy system gives children a friend who offers them individual attention as well as support.
What is in store for big boxes in the new millennium?
Adam Smith, considered the apostle of the "free market," understood very well how capitalism could not survive a truly free market, if government was not big enough to protect it.
Proponents of the Big Bang model counter such criticism by noting that this unbalanced situation merely reflects the strength of the evidence in the model's favor.
It's great that they are celebrating the Hall of Fame induction this summer and I thank Big League Chew for their support of the Cal Ripken, Sr.
This remnant of the once-vast Big Woods is now relegated to the banks of murky waters like the Cache, Bayou DeView, and the lower White River.
Understand the strategic motives behind the recent wave of Big Pharma acquisitions of monoclonal antibody companies
And even now, Big Sur's existence continues to be a tenuous one, as the savagery of El Nino's rains demonstrated when they washed out great stretches of highway and cut the community off from the outside world four years ago.