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Celtic boss Gordon Strachan believes his big-hearted team must improve for the second leg of their Champions League tie against AC Milan after a goalless Parkhead encounter.
He's more like a big-hearted Italian barber who revels in wine, beauty, and song.
He then watched Warrington thrash Leeds 44-16, with big-hearted Briers going straight to Dan to find out the result of the final.
There's the big guy who's a little too timid (Al Shearer), the big-hearted dude with the heart condition (Damaine Radcliff), the white farm boy whose team spirit trumps his need for Daddy's approval (Austin Nichols) and many others that will seem familiar.
The Memory of Running is a rare opportunity to get to know Smithy Ide, the caring, big-hearted man who takes care of his mom and pop and constantly worries about his older sister Bethany, afflicted with the voice of a demon which despite numerous doctors and hospital stays, refuses to let her go.
Big-hearted readers have donated more than pounds 50,000 to the George Thomas Hospice, and thanks to Valleys-born merchant banker Sir Julian Hodge, his bank will double that amount to more than pounds 100,000.
Big-hearted, earthy, and forthright, he nonetheless sustained an ethereal mystique.
And after Kirsty, five, Kim, nine, and Zoe, 11, had their hair, nails and make-up done, the big-hearted multi millionaire insisted on giving Kirsty the finishing touch with a blow-dry.
Big-hearted workers are limbering up ready to Run for Home during a radio station's fund-raising fun day on Sunday.
In an unforced and convincing way, Jordan comes across as a big-hearted, brave figure who has thought seriously about his experiences and been improved by them.
Big-hearted Willie, 57, has spent the last 30 years helping good causes.