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Eighty poles, each of one foot high, were erected for this purpose, and very strong cords, of the bigness of packthread, were fastened by hooks to many bandages, which the workmen had girt round my neck, my hands, my body, and my legs.
It is a carnivorous plant of about the bigness of a large sage-brush such as dots our western plains.
It isn't the bigness, dear; its the variety," replied the girl.
At length he spied a dangling creeper about the bigness of one's wrist, and when I reached the trees he was racing madly up it, hand over hand.
He had felt the bigness and glow of life in what he had read, but his speech was inadequate.
It is these good fellows that he gets--the fellows with the fire and the go in them, who have bigness, and warmness, and the best of the human weaknesses.
He had come, full, full to trembling--with the bigness of his news.
When their poets over here try to celebrate bigness they are dead at once, and naturally.
As soon as we were all set in our places, the boat was thrust off from the pier and began to move over the waters: and what with my pleasure in this new movement and my surprise at our low position, and the appearance of the shores, and the growing bigness of the brig as we drew near to it, I could hardly understand what the captain said, and must have answered him at random.
Ah, it's poor talking about littleness and bigness,--anybody may think it's a mercy they're straight," said aunt Pullet.
The subjects of pragmatism and the enthusiasm for bigness inevitably turn attention to the most public architectural question in the US today: how and in what form to rebuild on the site of the World Trade Center?
This shift to corporate bigness exacerbates social exclusion by awarding huge long-term contracts to multinationals, which siphons money out of localities they are contracted to serve.