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The National Pavilion UAE will present Lifescapes Beyond Bigness, an exhibition exploring human-scale architectural landscapes, at the 2018 Venice Biennale.
With the theme, 'Unlocking the Bigness Beyond Business,' this year's forum engaged corporations in insightful discussions and the sharing of best practices on how innovation and disruption can help sustain a corporation's competitiveness and relevance in the digital age.
The search for bigness can bring emptiness and pumped-up bluster drives the swirling Press Enter To Exit.
I continue to be overwhelmed by the bigness and goodness of the citizens of South Texas to pull together in times like these.
Another symptom of the inferiority complex is trying to compensate with bigness.
Keith Bigness, of 22 Hilltop Drive, Southbridge, was placed on probation for three years Monday after pleading guilty in Worcester Superior Court to six counts of possessing child pornography.
This time, bigness is the fundamental argument of the AKP and its "big master" in the election.
The author describes how public debates became focused on the evils of monopoly rather than the evils of bigness.
A pro-business conservative is a pro-capitalist conservative, and capitalism since the Industrial Revolution has meant industrial capitalism: a Bigness beyond all bigness, a bigness that is the sum of all bignesses.
Referring to Pakistan-India relations, Senator Mushahid Hussain said that the main problem in Pakistan-India relations is the fact that the Indian political elite continues to be in denial when it comes to the root causes of tensions in the region and, the bigness of India's size is unfortunately not matched by large-heartedness in its attitude and approach towards smaller neighbours and this has been amply demonstrated by yesterday's unfortunate event.
is preparing to establish a nonwoven sales company and begin local production in Jiangsu, China as the first step towards the overseas expansion of its nonwovens bigness.