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This time his bilious green eye took the initiative, and set his bilious brown eye the example of recovered serenity.
But don't think I'm bilious, for I was never in better health in my life," replied the old gentleman.
One would think you were sick, or bilious, or something.
It will be like going from raspberry tarts to plain bread and butter; but you will probably save them from a bilious fever," said Dr.
All politicians who follow this trade have bilious faces; and their constant habit of giving affirmative nods acquiescing in what is said to them, or seeming to do so, gives a certain peculiar turn to their heads.
He was nervous and bilious and suffered tortures from indigestion which made him often gloomy and miserable.
In the drawing-room I found Lady Lowborough, evidently in no very enviable state of mind, and struggling hard to conceal her discomposure by an overstrained affectation of unusual cheerfulness and vivacity, very uncalled-for under the circumstances, for she had herself given the company to understand that her husband had received unpleasant intelligence from home, which necessitated his immediate departure, and that he had suffered it so to bother his mind that it had brought on a bilious headache, owing to which, and the preparations he judged necessary to hasten his departure, she believed they would not have the pleasure of seeing him to-night.
Wanton avidity, bilious envy, careworn revenge, populace-pride: all these struck mine eye.
With such eyebrows, and a look so decidedly bilious, how was he to extract that money from the governor, of which George was consumedly in want?
Because I feel that I have been out of sorts, gloomy, bilious, brain-oppressed, whatever it may be.
MacWhirr smiled upon a woman in a black mantle of generous proportions armoured in jet and crowned with flowers blooming falsely above a bilious matronly countenance.
A few bilious Britons there were who would not subscribe to this article of faith; but their objection was purely theoretical.