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Joe, disconsolate and down-hearted, but full of courage too, on leaving the locksmith's house made the best of his way to the Crooked Billet, and there inquired for his friend the serjeant, who, expecting no man less, received him with open arms.
Remember I was twenty, and it was my first second mate's billet, and the East was waiting for me.
The capacity utilization for billet has remained low because of lack of integration of the industry with basic material producing industries such as pellet and sponge iron industries, that the country remains heavily dependent on imports for the basic materials.
That billet didn't last very long as she put us on a bus and sent us home and only managed to notify my mother when we were well on our way.
After the slab caster upgrade we will have a radically new 12-strand billet continuous casting machine unmatched in Russia so far, says Aleksey Ivanov, Vice President, Head of the Steel Division, EVRAZ.
Once an officer is chosen from a list of available officers, the placement officer then weighs the billet requirements against the officer's past experience and performance.
The IDA will amend the licence obtained by the company to allow it to produce steel billet, within the limits of the electrical power currently available to it, which stands at 3.
We are looking forward to establishing partners for our log and billet products along with continued success in building our extrusion business with our 5K and 9.
000 billets a tarifs reduits ont ete consommes dans le cadre de la convention de partenariat, signee en avril dernier entre Royal Air Maroc (RAM) et le ministere charge des Marocains residant a l'etranger, selon la compagnie.
SINGAPORE, June 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The boom in the construction sector is rippling into the aluminium extrudes market for various applications, giving a huge boost to the aluminium billet market.
The Naval Justice School juggled billets and other resources to establish the International Training Detachment (ITD), originally just one officer.
After pressing and cooling, the billet proceeds through a sander for final sizing and is cut into finished dimensions.