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The use of AMR has cut down billing errors, as well as helped owners control their water consumption.
com uses a patent-pending software application "The Analyzer"(C) to audit telecom billing for clients.
It is true that until the BBA was passed, nothing in the law required suppliers to assume billing responsibility or prohibited SNFs from doing so.
The principal disadvantage of hourly billing is that it rewards inefficiency.
At that point, frontage will no longer be an option for water billing.
Under Consolidated Billing the facility must submit all Medicare claims for the Part B services and supplies that all its Medicare residents receive, except for certain services specifically excluded by the BBA '97.
However, many buildings opted to stay on frontage billing while the entire premise meter monitored meter consumption and plan on remaining on front-age until the DEP converts them to meter billing.
After the meter is installed, you can then determine whether frontage or meter billing is better for you.