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According to the Washington Post, around 2,000 people had gathered at the Billy Graham library to attend a private funeral service of Billy Graham.
The doting dad also said that he doesn't want Billy to experience the kind of pain he felt when he found out that he had congenital heart disease.
The family were out Christmas shopping when a male shop assistant started looking awkwardly at Billy.
Charlotte, 49, from Castlederg, Co Tyrone, said: "When Billy was two years old he was sent home to die from the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Belfast.
Yes, Billy started climbing out of the crib a little while after Mickey moved in.
In the Army, Billy was a driver in the desert campaign and ran out of fuel in his jeep in the desert so he waited for someone to come out to rescue him.
Dale is Billy's reluctant helper, drawn into the fray when Billy reminds Dale that he saved Dale's life from gang leader Gar all those years ago when Dale was in Grade 7.
Billy had never heard of a Jew saying "Lord," with the possible exception of Moses.