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My feelings exactly," said Billy, crowding into the troop-horse for company.
said Billy and the troop horse together, and I could hear them stamp and shiver.
Seems to me," said Billy to the troop horse, "that our friend Two Tails is afraid of most things.
Orders," said Billy the mule, and his teeth snapped.
If you had a really cross baby around you'd know how good and reasonable Billy is," she flamed, torn by the little sobs.
Confusedly, Rose thought of her countless hours of lost sleep, her even yet unrecovered strength, the enormous readjustment of her own life in her sincere efforts to do her best by the whole household, her joyous acceptance of all the perpetual self-denial her new duties to Billy necessitated.
Billy would simply cry himself to sleep--it was bad for his whole nervous system, but it would not actually make him sick.
S'pose you like too much lash that fella Arunga, you take him fella Tulagi," Billy said.
You fella Astoa, you fella Narada, tie up that fella Billy alongside other fella same fella way.
An' if you keep on, Mary, you'll have me blushing," Billy growled.
As she talked, Billy followed her solemnly, his eyes steadily turned on hers.
My folks lived in America a long time," Billy said slowly, digesting the information she had given and relating himself to it.