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Survey respondents were mainly drawn from persons actively engaged (key end users) in studying biomolecular interactions and binding analysis using LF technologies.
C) Half rexine with dori binding size for register 13 x 7 1/2 approx.
This rule, called the "binding contract" rule, offers assurance that the COI requirement will be met, by allowing taxpayers to measure for COI as of the day immediately preceding the day the binding contract is executed, rather than measuring immediately before the transaction closes.
This case clearly supports the application of the firm-and-fixed-plan test even without a binding agreement.
This is a kind of "pivot blind spot," since there is no torque there and so the binding will not release.
Evidence for leptin binding to proteins in serum of rodents and humans: modulation with obesity.
Applying the suggestion plan's terms to Muncy's claim, the court held that the committee's decision not to award him for any of the four suggestions at issue was final and binding and, therefore, not subject to review by the court.
Despite our disagreement with all the Media Bureau decisions on the Sinclair matter, including whether the FCC already has the authority to order binding arbitration and continued carriage, we are heeding the FCC's strong recommendation so that it orders Sinclair to reinstate the stations immediately, with or without agreement on procedural matters," said John Pascarelli, Mediacom EVP of Operations.
368-1(e)(2)(i) provides that in determining whether a proprietary interest in the target is preserved, the consideration to be exchanged pursuant to a contract is valued on the last business day before the first date on which such contract is a binding contract, but only if such contract provides for fixed consideration.
That causes the winch socket to come loose, and a loose socket's a clear sign you've got cable binding.
This equipment allows the skis to slide forward with a free heel for touring, or to lock down the heel in the binding for downhill skiing.