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2002), but it is unknown whether binocular vision is needed to be effective in the performance of a more complex skill, involving a whole body rotation, like the handspring on vault.
Dr Leon Davies presents a variety of binocular vision cases enabling practitioners to tick off this important core competency.
Now, Maurer and colleagues are working on creating their own videogame for patients, gleaning the same characteristics of Medal of Honor but adding some elements to train people's brains to improve binocular vision.
Specialty care services include binocular vision, pediatric vision care and pediatric contact lenses; ocular prosthetics; cornea and contact lenses; ocular health diagnosis, treatment and management; electrodiagnostics; low vision rehabilitation; and vision therapy.
Continuing the theme of assessing patients presenting with dizziness, part two of this series explores specific investigations that can be undertaken in the consulting room to assist in these cases with an emphasis on the tailored approach to binocular vision examination.
Spot is a light, hand-held, wireless, WiFi-enabled, binocular vision screening device that can screen the vision of anyone six months of age and up in just a few seconds.
Standing in front of the skull you can imagine this enormous beast staring straight back at you, fixing you with its binocular vision, and attacking.
Though they assess binocular vision parameters, they leave the management of anomalies to textbooks on abnormal binocularity.
The principle behind 3-D imaging is that we have binocular vision, with two eyes separated by a space of 2-3 inches, explains Dr Chris Canning,C Medical Director of Moorfields Eye Hospital, Dubai.
An optical technique distinctive to the EyeCon is said to be the use of binocular vision that incorporates two cameras in one sensor housing, one on each side of the laser line.
The unique oval shape provides true 3-D direct visualization through binocular vision.