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Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is a medicinal fungus that grows beneath the bark of birch trees in northern regions such as Siberia.
Old Aud watched a flock of blackbirds settle in the birch trees.
Birch trees have watery sap and shallow roots, liabilities in the arid Antelope Valley.
Oak, ash and birch trees, and shrubs such as crab-apple, spindle and guelder rose, were planted on two of the estate's tenanted farms to create a number of shelter belts and spinneys.
The 130-guest bash will feature $110,000 worth of filet of beef and lobster tail and "a canopy of 12-foot-tall birch trees draped with hanging orchids.
Our objectives were to 1) analyze the external and internal quality of birch trees damaged by moose, 2) measure whether the severity, type, and occurrence of damage differed between silver birch and European white birch trees, and 3) evaluate visual criteria that would enable a forest-owner to assess damage and future value of moose-damaged birch trees prior to the first commercial thinning.
Birch trees always show their best display of silver bark when young.
The line of young birch trees at the edge of the development has been cut down so we can have a better view of the store.
West Midland birch trees are in danger of dying out if climate change continues to heat up the region.
The problem is that they're all birch trees here, all more or less similar, and we don't know how to distinguish this Yjyk-Mar from the others.
Physiological changes in birch trees between seasons were presumed to be the basis for the variation.
Naturally sourced xylitol from birch trees to sweeten the formula and the grape flavor is derived from real grape extracts without artificial sweeteners or colors.