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Armed with the vital information of someone's date, time and place of birth, she can draw up an individual's birth chart, which then gives her an insight into that person's personality, love life and future.
Authoritatively carrying readers through the interpretive perceptions involved in using astrology with birth charts, Astrology For Yourself provides a basic comprehension of talents, abilities, strengths, and how to express such attributes in life; offers an overall understanding of one's life meaning and purpose; reveals insights into life's challenges and how to transform them into opportunities; enables a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of a variety of important dimensions of particulars in life such as career and vocational needs, relationship needs, health, finances, and so much more.
The volume is designed to explore astrological episodes from Galileo's career, including his summons to a Paduan court in 1604 under charges of "astral determinism" (39), his naming of the four moons of Jupiter discovered in 1610 after members of the Medici family, and the birth charts he drew up for various patrons.
Before our meeting Raymond has asked for the birth charts of everyone who lives in the house, including our 11-month-old chocolate brown Labrador, Harvey.