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Maine ranked first on the disparity index with the smallest gaps among racial and ethnic groups in its preterm birth rate, while the District of Columbia had the largest gaps.
Research teams in 40 countries correlated birth rates with economic data and concluded that modest population decline can actually improve broader standards of living.
The relatively strong performance of GDP in 2011 and 2013 is reflected in the widening gap between the business birth rate and death rate in these years.
Graeme Hugo, director of the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre at Adelaide University, said it was clear that the country's birth rates were affected by the economic situation, (http://www.
MB is the number of births to married women; UB the number of births to unmarried women; M the number of married women; U the number of unmarried women; 'MR = (MB + UB)/(M+U), the total birth rate; MBR = MB/M, the birth rate of married women, or the marital birth rate; UBR = UB/U, the birth rate of unmarried women, or the nonmarital birth rate; NBS = UB/(MB + UB), the share of nonmarital births, or the NBS; [S.
This is very challenging during the current extended period of increased birth rates.
The number of midwives is increasing faster than the birth rate.
According to the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, but increased access to contraception for Latino women may also be playing a part in the falling birth rate, the report added.
ACCESS to free fertility treatment has a small but positive effect on national birth rates, a European study has shown.
In the subgroup of women enrolled in the United States, however, the differences between the two groups in the preterm birth rate was not significant (16.
The birth rate for women in their early 20s fell 7 percent, which is the largest decline for this age group since 1973, according to the report.