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You'll have to hear all about Wantage, the birthplace of Alfred, and Farringdon, which held out so long for Charles the First (the Vale was near Oxford, and dreadfully malignant--full of Throgmortons, Puseys, and Pyes, and such like; and their brawny retainers).
Sardis, the capital of Lydia; Samos, a Greek island; Mesembria, an ancient colony in Thrace; and Cotiaeum, the chief city of a province of Phrygia, contend for the distinction of being the birthplace of Aesop.
One of them is Dwarka, the birthplace of the god Krishna.
I knew that the motive of securing the just recognition of my wife in the birthplace from which she had been driven out as an impostor, and of publicly erasing the lie that still profaned her mother's tombstone, was far purer, in its freedom from all taint of evil passion, than the vindictive motive which had mingled itself with my purpose from the first.
he was then an officer of the king; but when the war took place between the crown and her colonies, my grandfather did not forget his birthplace, but threw off the empty allegiance of names, and was true to his proper country; he fought on the side of liberty.
With a still surviving attachment to the one miserable yard and block of houses as her birthplace and home, she passed to and fro in it shrinkingly now, with a womanly consciousness that she was pointed out to every one.
Corney, the matron of the workhouse to which our readers have been already introduced as the birthplace of Oliver Twist, sat herself down before a cheerful fire in her own little room, and glanced, with no small degree of complacency, at a small round table: on which stood a tray of corresponding size, furnished with all necessary materials for the most grateful meal that matrons enjoy.
He received them very kindly, and at once showed an interest in Nell; asking her name, and age, her birthplace, the circumstances which had led her there, and so forth.
The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust presents Illuminating Shakespeare, a new interactive light show which will be seen for the first time next Thursday, as part of the town's Christmas lights switch-on.
IN THE MONEY The David Livingstone Centre is built around the explorer's Blantyre birthplace
Singhvi, wanted to develop Orwell's birthplace on the lines of Stratford- upon- Avon and Yasnaya Polyana, birthplaces of William Shakespeare and Leo Tolstoy in England and Russia, respectively, which attract lakhs of tourists every year.
The idea to recreate the 1927 Bristol Sessions had been discussed within the Birthplace of Country Music organization for years, but the serendipitous connection between board member John Rainero, veteran songwriter Rusty Morrell and Grammy-winning producer Carl Jackson helped bring "Orthophonic Joy: The 1927 Bristol Sessions Revisited" to life.