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Tioga Pass Road, which bisects Yosemite National Park, is closed in winter.
One more "googly eye" mobile, Aviary, 2000-2001, bisects the balcony railing up above, as though peering over the route we have just traveled.
On the Promenade Mall, which bisects the street where Weller's fatal drive took place, some of the stores closest to the tragedy remained closed.
Studio Granda's main move bisects the two wings in plan with an angular spine that follows the line of the original pier for the port of Reykjavik.
In addition to its proposing buses, not preferable high-speed rail cars, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority-approved east-west route does not include a stop at Oxnard Street and White Oak Avenue, a main north-south artery that 1) directly feeds into the Ventura Freeway, 2) bisects our tract, Encino Park, at the center of which is the Encino Post Office, which makes a station at White Oak all the more important, and 3) amounts to final injury and insult to the needs of Encino Park since the Encino Park Improvement Committee first voiced them in 1980 and consistently thereafter to the MTA and all ``interested parties.
The disputed dirt road is about 300 to 400 feet long and bisects the 74 acres.
An irregularly shaped sheet of clear Perspex, with smaller pieces of fluorescent yellow and orange Perspex stuck to it, bisects the central form.