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The results were particularly perplexing due to the apparent similitude it has with the line bisection experiment, both being measured by accurate assessment of the relative length of the line's subdivision.
Because the equations are highly nonlinear, a simple pressure bisection technique was used to determine the attic and house interior pressures, as this has proven to be an extremely robust solution technique.
of Studies Using Test Used this Test (a) Cancellation Test Line 23 Letter 18 Star 17 Bells 10 Other 5 Line Bisection 22 Figure or Scene Copying 19 Drawing from Memory 13 Writing or Reading 13 Extinction Visual 3 Auditory 0 Tactile 2 Motor 1 Contralesional Limb Finding or Matching 3 Interpretation of Visual Illusion 3 Baking Tray Test 2 Fluff Test 2 Other 19 Clinical Observations Gaze deviance 3 Neglect of objects or people 2 Underuse of contralesional limbs 1 Neglect while grooming 1 Neglect while dressing 1 (a) This column does not total 32 because most studies used more than one test.
Moore's shot of deputies trolling the swamps for the bodies includes a train of light that runs from the image's foreground to its mid-ground--a bisection emphasized by the top of the tallest man's hat, which further divides the body of water that is already traversed and the dark unknown ahead.
Modifying the option valuation model to use a bisection method (see sidebar "A Method for Partitioning Value") that simultaneously determines the optimal stock price and option value yields the results shown in Exhibit 2.
Let us consider a variation of Kolmogorov's rock model also called Bisection model.
Sperry, "Brain Bisection and Mechanisms of Consciousness," in Brain and Conscious Experience, ed.
Rothko's signature bisection of the horizontal dimension (and Barnett Newman's of the vertical, and Mondrian's obsession with the whole box) may well have lingered in the filmmaker's mind.
5) As numerical search routines we implemented a modified Newton algorithm and the bisection method.
The maximally parsimonious (MP) trees were sought using the heuristic search option with the starting tree obtained by 100 random-addition replicates and tree bisection reconnection branch swapping.