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While many in industry feel the Alliance dates are more reasonable and allow greater hope that HCFC replacements would be developed in time, some say the schedule is likely to be accelerated even more than the pending EPA proposal, just as the CFC phase-out deadlines have been moved up bit by bit.
Based on the company's unique DD4 drive duplication technology, the EzCOPY[TM] works by transferring a bit by bit copy of the original onto the target drive, rapidly moving data at less than one minute per gigabyte.
Bit by bit, the pieces of his life come back, and he must gradually uncover his history and seek salvation from his own crimes.
On both counts, Aizenberg says, human-made fibers might benefit if manufacturers could assemble them bit by bit at low temperatures, as the sponges do.
com website, they turned to Bit by Bit Interactive, a leading e-services consultancy.