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THE BOUNTY HUNTER 12A Gerard Butler and Friends favourite Jennifer Anniston create big-screen chemistry in this amiable bit of fluff.
let "So being frightened of a bit of fluff does sound a little bit unusual to say the least and it must be a real temptation to reprimand her for being so silly.
The queen of the flirty put down, she's not just a bit of fluff, but James' intellectual equal, and it's this that has kept his interest for so many movies.
Tennis is a bit of fluff for the chattering classes.
97in portable DVD player: Seven inches never brought so much happiness - you get to watch the footie downstairs while she can go upstairs and put on the latest Jude Law-starring bit of fluff the kids bought her in peace.
TINA, Johnny Allen's bit of fluff on EastEnders, is played by Charlotte Avery.
Try not to have a nervous breakdown when there is a bit of fluff on the carpet or a bit of dust on the telly (what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?
There is no need to go on about this bit of fluff - you've read the fairy tale.
Life is a balancing act Pisces, for every bit of fluff there's stuff that needs smoothing over and that's where you find yourself.
If you trivialise the news decade after decade and if you turn news into entertainment, if you corrupt how people get information, if you have a cynical view where you can take a bit of fluff that's not true and you know it's not true but you can bang it out to make something that fits nicely on page five next to the ad for women's lingerie, if you start thinking like that, then sooner or later people are going to distrust what those sources all are," he says.
The chap who lives fairly happily with his wife and children while bedding another woman, keeping her as his bit of fluff by lying to her along the lines of how he and wifey no longer have sex but stay together for the sake of the children.
Arthur said: "Sometimes a bit of fluff can get in and cause a bad connection.