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Left with little money and few acting prospects because he felt he had been typecast as Kirk, he took bit parts and even did party appearances until his career turned around.
The former Leeds bit-part player turned Hollywood bit-part player, who once almost bit part of a bloke's nose off, used to frequent dog tracks when he owned several greyhounds.
Jack Palance has a bit part as a grumpy old farmer who helps Charlie and Prancer prevail.
Prosecutor Andrew Crawford said it was then Mulligan bit part of Mr Harper's ear off.
Since she had a bit part in an episode of TV's Sex And The City, things are looking up for the former Ginger Spice.
Packed with dozens of black-and-white photos, ``Dark City Dames'' brings us into the lives of these screen dames, including Sherman Oaks resident Totter, whose sizzling bit part in the 1946 John Garfield gem, ``The Postman Always Rings Twice,'' had audiences forgetting about leading lady Lana Turner.
One then bit part of one of his ears off before the gang fled.
In one of her first gigs, Montgomery scored a bit part in ``Devil in a Blue Dress,'' a role so tiny, she jokes, ``If you blink, you'll miss me.
The 51-year-old, who also had roles in City Lights and Hamish Macbeth and a bit part in the film Gangs of New York, was convicted on three drink-drive charges as well as driving while disqualified and without a licence or insurance at Glasgow district court.
A police spokesman said: "When the man tried to intervene and help the girl he was grabbed by the attacker who then bit part of his ear off.
The show's creator, Ryan Murphy, met Kidders when he was recently recruited to direct her in new movie Need - and she took the chance to beg him for a bit part.