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The immediate future of the BI landscape is one of a disconnect between marketing hype about pressing challenges on the one hand and reality on the other," said Andreas Bitterer, research vice president at Gartner.
In a speech at the founding ceremony, Adler pronounced: "There have been no direr wars than religious wars, no bitterer hates than religious hates, no fiendish cruelty like religious cruelty .
In any case, the "Entsundigung" ritual disturbs Felix's sleep: "er erwachte manchmal mit Tranen bitterer Begierde und erinnerte sich schambesturzt, dass er im Traum Butts Korper betastet habe.
Far from the Italian land I lie, far from my country Tarentum, and this is bitterer to me than death.
They could also be at odds with the government and the political atmosphere could be bitterer than what had been seen over the last five years.
Nevertheless, it is important that she understand that there is a fight for the heart and soul of public education, and that the dialogue around this tussle will get bitterer before it gets better.
Her daughter and son-in-law appeared to bring to the task of keeping America out of the war an animus against their opponents far bitterer than seemed required.
At a Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2010 in February, Andreas Bitterer, research vice president, Gartner said: "Open-source BI has seen an interesting adoption pattern over the last few years.
This makes the effects of the crisis even bitterer because it will increase poverty.
1Gartner "Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools" by Ted Friedman and Andreas Bitterer, June 9, 2009.
You taught me Waiting with Myself--/Appointment strictly kept--/You taught me fortitude of Fate--/This--also--I have learnt--/An altitude of Death, that could/No bitterer debar/Than Life--had done--before it--/Yet--there is a Science more--/The Heaven you know--to understand/That you be not ashamed/Of Me--in Christ's bright Audience/Upon the further Hand--.
In her recent often terrific book on the sonnets, Helen Vendler reads the line seriously as about the internalization of scriptural fecundity commands; but even though she locates a lot of dangerously obscene and even (to me) accurate Kabbalistic puns and "ties" elsewhere in the sonnets (while rejecting others), the refusal to hear "increase"'s other lower meanings is I think signal of a genteel element in her reading when it comes, not to sex, but to the bitterer, more lower-middleclass anti-census gestures of some great poems.