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Bivium Capital hires managers that exhibit specific organizational characteristics that include: small, boutique-type style, limited institutional relationships, sound operations, predominantly employee-owned, strong risk-adjusted returns, and most importantly, a repeatable investment process.
Monitoring requires daily pricing and valuations so Bivium can provide transparency to clients.
The principals of Bivium Capital have a unique perspective on identifying, selecting and monitoring emerging managers," said Robert S.
Bivium Capital has formed a strategic partnership with S3 Asset Management, the hedge fund aggregation platform that provides mid-sized managers with access to a full range of services such as prime brokerage, administration and accounting, delivered with optimal financial efficiencies.
Hollis, president and chief executive officer, is responsible for coordinating the business activities of Bivium.
Prior to joining Bivium, he was in the investment management division of Goldman, Sachs & Co.