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Bizarreness As a Nonessential Variable in Mnemonic Imagery: a Confirmation, Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 7(2), 163-164.
There's just so much bizarreness that went against his character, or what the family described as his character," said Stowe-Rains, a Benton County ranger and a 20-year veteran of search-and-rescue operations.
As we were waiting to go home the bizarreness of the whole thing set in.
Serenade's exploration of a homoerotic relationship, although crude, is fascinating for the sheer bizarreness of its handling.
Thus, the properties of dreams--their bizarreness, visual vividness, frequent depictions of movement--all follow unavoidably from the neurophysiology and neurochemistry of REM sleep.
These warnings are issued by charismatic, powerful men in hiding, who mirror a modern Arab political culture that remains confounded by both its own bizarreness and its capacity for violence and self-destruction.
The top edge of his paintings sometimes interrupts the heads of his figures, adding to this sense of bizarreness.
Schematic and Bizarreness Effect: The Effect of Visual Stimulation on Recall of Mental Images.
And the magic and bizarreness of everything really hit me.
The bizarreness of it all lends itself to morbid humor.
The bizarreness continued when Rico followed with a ground ball to the right side of the infield.
One proposed approach to aid memory is the bizarreness effect (Andreoff & Yarmey, 1976; Fritsch & Larsen, 1990; Wollen, Weber, & Lowry, 1972).