black marketeer

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Haggling with Russian black marketeers, I picked up one valuable lesson from these Winter Olympics.
He perhaps would have been alive today had he known that one day the black marketeers in this country would get their 'Acche-din', with "total confidentiality ensured"
101) It is not much of an exaggeration to say that under Japan's tyrannical wartime economy, everyone was a black marketeer.
25pm Mara Wilson (right) stars as the girl with special powers in this adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic children's story The Market BBC4 10pm Turkish drama, starring Tayanc Ayaydin as a black marketeer who tries to make quick money by smuggling pharmaceuticals.
She's there just to help out those poor souls whose appointments are arranged by old friend and small time black marketeer Lily (Ruth Sheen) naively unaware that her go between doesn't share the same altruistic concerns.
He got the jail's black marketeer Ellis "Red" Redding, played by Morgan Freeman, to obtain it for him.
Martin's older brother, Carlos, is a drug dealer and petty thief for Don Sata, the powerful local black marketeer who stages wrestling matches every Saturday night.
Pansy notices that the eyes of fiance Maury, a black marketeer, are roaming in the direction of his "business" partner Carla.
Some unscrupulous owners of bakeries sell part of their daily quota of subsidised flour to the black marketeer in return for hefty gains," Yousuf told Gulf News.
Set in war-ravaged Vienna, it's the thrilling story of murderous black marketeer Harry Lime (Orson Welles).
The much tougher Andreu (Roger Casamajor), who boasts about his success with women but who has secretly been the lover of Morell (Juli Mira), an elderly black marketeer, is a new arrival at the hospital and has only just contracted TB.
As well as being praised for his Poirot, he won Oscars for the role of Batiatus, owner of the gladiator school in Spartacus, in 1960, and as Arthur Simpson, an English black marketeer in Turkey who gets caught up in a jewel heist in Topkapi, in 1965.