black marketeer

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70) By June 1947, the Bank of Japan estimated that black marketeers held 37 percent of all new yen, while farmers and fishers held an additional 29 percent.
Congress always tried to reduce inflation but because of hoarders and black marketeers there is artificial inflation.
The people who will benefit most are black marketeers.
That is not, however, a large increase over the 46 black marketeers he said had been arrested as of the first week of October.
Sunil Vats, a delivery agent of a prominent gas agency in Old Gurgaon, narrated the modus operandi of the LPG black marketeers.
The beating Conor took came after a catalogue of crime in the Czech capital, which included him: being sold bogus cocaine by a drug dealer; having his pocket picked by a prostitute; being short-changed by black marketeers, and being charged three times the normal rate by a taxi driver.
Many will have little chance of getting into games after sponsors and corporate clients have taken the lion's share of seats, leaving fans at the mercy of black marketeers.
Quoting a speech by Mr Jinnah he said the first duties of a government were to maintain law and order, tackle corruption and black marketeers, improve religious tolerance and end nepotism and poverty.
The black marketeers will make millions of pounds from this tax hike.
Greater restrictions would provide incentives for illegal operators to remain, while less restrictive regulation would discourage black marketeers, but at the price of increasing the number of users and problem users.
Indeed, one can imagine black marketeers and smugglers buying where grain is available and transporting it to sell to countries where it is not.
Black marketeers are in the region attempting to persuade people, particularly the old and vulnerable, to sell their supplies of wheat.