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It has been suggested to me that I have been blackballed for political reasons and that I have a better chance of getting another job in London than in Wales.
These facts make suggestions that he could have been blackballed for political reasons all the more disturbing.
A pensioner has been blackballed from a bowling club he helped to build and bale out with his own cash.
But it is Vaughan's glowing endorsement of Hollioake (right), criminally blackballed by England as they lost 10 of their 16 one-day internationals in the winter, and Gough that will warm the public's hearts.
His daughter alleged that he was blackballed by baseball owners because of the way he had driven up salaries.
Kennedy, even as a rich banker driving a plum-colored Rolls Royce, was blackballed from the upper-caste social clubs in Cohasset where he summered.
NASSER Hussain's England stars will not be blackballed by Lord's if they refuse to tour India over fears for their safety.
He's ranted and raved during his show on the Dodgers' flagship station KABC-AM (790) that the team blackballed him from landing a job at the new XTRA-AM (1150), but now Joe McDonnell has made the jump.
But English Cricket Board supremo Lord MacLaurin fears England will be blackballed by the ICC and the Dacca tournament organisers if they do not send Stewart as their one day skipper.
I don't think there's any question that the powers that be in tennis blackballed him,'' Ashburn said.
newspaper stories that he had been blackballed by the Dodgers despite the fact a three-year guaranteed deal with KIIS had been all but signed.
A snooker ref who told a young fan to "p**s off" could be blackballed.