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Any sort of blackout in a major metropolitan city is just not what we call a fun time,'' said Elissa Glickman, the theater's marketing director.
Relating this back to the two studies above, blackouts and large surges account for less than 5 percent of all power problems and happen in Normal Mode.
Although conservation probably wouldn't have prevented the complicated events leading to the blackout of 2003, "if we demand less electricity, there will be less of a strain on the grid," says Debbie Boger of the Sierra Club.
The blackout generated plenty of unfounded allegations.
The blackout led the drug chain to temporarily close all of its 237 units.
Losses from the blackout may include damage to refrigerated and frozen goods, pain and suffering from loss of air conditioning, lost rents and income from building tenants in commercial and rental properties, equipment damage, and computer data.
A senior law enforcement official said the FBI had determined the blackout was a 'natural occurrence' and there was no evidence of terrorism, and that the Homeland Security Department agreed.
The only way to escape Tokyo's turgid humidity, blackouts or not, is to get away.
A company must provide notice to a participant (including a beneficiary) who self-directs investment of plan assets in a defined contribution plan and is affected by the blackout period.
Cardiff rarely hears the sound of dancehall live and direct, but nevertheless, Blackout hopes his blend of upbeat reggae and hip hop will bring a bit of sunshine to our bitter Welsh winter.
In 1997, they founded the Blackout Arts Collective in New York.