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The law considers, in other words, what would be blameworthy in the average man, the man of ordinary intelligence and prudence, and determines liability by that.
U]nless a defendant has engaged in some blameworthy conduct creating or contributing to a substantial and unjustifiable risk of death, he has not committed the crime of criminally negligent homicide," wrote the court.
And had things worked out poorly for Odysseus, had his incapacity led to some later wrongdoing, he would have been unlucky but not blameworthy.
Imagine an agent who, fully on her own and for her own reasons, decides and acts in a morally objectionable way, so that we find her clearly blameworthy.
Christian admonishments to forgive usually refer to a personal decision to excuse a blameworthy person.
In the [books discussing] the mortal vices, I discuss every blameworthy character trait whose avoidance is mentioned in the Qur'an, [along with] the soul's cleansing from it and the heart's purification from it.
Few "writers" can plead not guilty when it comes to breaking Leonard's rules, but the most blameworthy have to be broadsheet journalists and self-published novelists - both of whom pepper their overwritten stuff with cliches, bad grammar and irrelevant adjectives.
The unlawful part means all of your senses must abstain from doing ill or evil, thinking blameworthy or wicked thoughts.
The smarter members of your posse - more blameworthy because they should know better - aren't out to ban books.
Qadri said the institutions which allowed the tax-evaders to take part in the general elections, are blameworthy
Blameworthy actions should be distinguished from actions that are illegal and therefore punishable, although the two may overlap.
The navy's case was reported in September 2011 and four officers were found blameworthy.