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He hurried round the house to get a shovel from the kitchen-- "First I will arrange the hole-- then I will drag out that person in the blanket .
This however, was abandoned; the Nez Perces being unwilling to destroy the robes and blankets, and other spoils of the enemy, which they felt sure would fall into their hands.
Where are the blankets and merchandise that bought the right of the Fire-eater?
She swore a dozen times that she would not leave the Kincaid without her baby, and yet she remained clothed long past her usual hour for retiring, and her blankets were neatly rolled and bound with stout cord, when about midnight there came a stealthy scratching upon the panels of her door.
He lifted the edge of the blanket with his nose and crawled across the shoulder until he was altogether inside.
Make her as comfortable as you can, and when she is in her little bed I'll come and say good-night," he added, when the bath was ready and the blankets browning nicely before the fire.
By way of reply, his guest unbuttoned the blanket overcoat.
The blanket socks were worn through in places, and his feet were raw and bleeding.
What your real bully likes in tossing is when the boys kick and struggle, or hold on to one side of the blanket, and so get pitched bodily on to the floor; it's no fun to him when no one is hurt or frightened.
She, at least, was warm, for under her and over her were thick blankets.
She smiled to herself as she spread the blankets, with the tarpaulin underneath, for a table, having first removed all twigs from the sand.
He was lying on the bed and wrapped up in the blanket as before.