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People in Wellesbourne had to endure 72 hours of the same country and western songs as music blared out from the locked car.
As the wine flowed, a widescreen TV in the corner blared out the latest from News 24, the BBC boss's newest and least-watched channel.
They blared the facts with indignation against the Vatican, hoping that their friends ("progressive" bishops) would fight this "regressive" discipline.
The trumpets blared, the man in the leopard-skin apron whacked out the booming rhythm on the big drum, and the vanquished clanked in irons in the middle of the procession.
From 19 brightly hand-painted signs blared hilarious lists of cheesy, melodramatic pulp-fiction titles, some paired with authors' names (Too Young to Die; So Fair, So Evil; The Incurable Wound; and so on).
Paying homage to the early days of broadcasting, when oak-paneled radios blared out swing tunes, physicists Griff L.
Over the years, media horror stories have blared that 20 percent of health care workers are substance abusers; that 15 percent of physicians embellish their credentials on medical staff applications; and that 15,000 practicing physicians may have purchased their medical school diplomas.
It's too big for my daughter,'' commented Placida Ruiz, 49, of San Fernando, holding up a bright pink cardigan as a cumbia blared from a nearby boombox.
Suddenly, Universe Gains 40 Billion More Galaxies," blared the Jan.
One woman even blared her horn when my brothers got out of their van to help
The video screen was angled so that only jurors could see the tapes, but the television blared the sound of victims - one of them just 15 - crying out as they were raped.
Truckers passing on the Golden State Freeway blared their support as they neared Young's post, although she'd complied with a request by the California Highway Patrol to remove signs asking drivers to honk their horns in support.