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It is pure arrogance that allows Oliver to blaspheme to the nation.
In "Time," Randall writes that "soon a road / will blaspheme this land," suggesting not just desecration of the earth but also human invention's essential impermanence.
Thus freethinkers the world over are pleased to see that the right to be critical of religion, including the right to blaspheme, has been upheld in the Western world.
Really, other than the violent protests and the burning down of our studios, it tested like gangbusters with the kids,'' said CW spokesman Wil Blaspheme.
Mr Goddard said: ``A guy who called himself Satan went to the pulpit to blaspheme.
They will spend around two hours and 14 minutes kissing in their motors, researchers found, and swear or blaspheme 32,025 times behind the wheel.
In his speech Havel declared: "we are not here alone for ourselves alone, but we are an integral part of higher, mysterious entities against whom it is not advisable to blaspheme.
After going through script after script looking for the perfect first project for her film production company, Blaspheme Films, actress Christina Ricci chose Pumpkin because of its strong message about preconceived notions, something both the special needs community and she herself have dealt with.
They say the park would be a kitsch monstrosity that would blaspheme the region's cultural and spiritual values.
She reportedly said she did not mean to blaspheme Islam.
Oh, yeah, like the Italians were famed for their emotional restraint before the new law went into effect, but now, they're legally free to insult the flag, blaspheme, get snockered in public, curse the deceased, make obscene gestures toward elected officials, seduce virgins and.
Une histoire du blaspheme ne devrait donc pas etre plus incongrue que le seraient, parmi l'ensemble des << histories >> possibles, celles du vetement, des armes ou des rois de France.