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The spirit of 'I am Charlie' means the right to blaspheme.
The Taliban has revealed itself, not merely as criminal child murderers, but murderers who blaspheme the name of Allah, by murdering God's children in His holy name.
If one watches the video without any bias, it would dawn on him that he did not blaspheme.
The conference aims to correct erroneous concepts of extremists who have chosen to anathematize or blaspheme everybody else and who have chosen sabotage as a means to an end and who have wreaked havoc on earth.
We won't allow any bloggers to blaspheme our religion and our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)", said Shahidul Islam, an imam at a mosque outside Dhaka who walked 20km.
Les sequences portaient une critique acerbe qu'il avait lancee contre le president Mohamed Morsi, pour manifester son appui a Bassem Youssem, le celebre satiriste egyptien, actuellement interpelle par les autorites egyptiennes, car accuse de mepris a la presidence et de blaspheme contre la religion.
NNA - AN-NAHAR: Hariri: Alternative initiative Taef and March 14 Will mufti charges 700 million Muslims with blaspheme ?
Words such as blaspheme and infidel are the last resort of the unjustifiable.
A SOCCER trade union has called for players to be allowed to blaspheme.
It is pure arrogance that allows Oliver to blaspheme to the nation.
In "Time," Randall writes that "soon a road / will blaspheme this land," suggesting not just desecration of the earth but also human invention's essential impermanence.
Thus freethinkers the world over are pleased to see that the right to be critical of religion, including the right to blaspheme, has been upheld in the Western world.