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Justice Khosa was apprehensive that if people had the authority to punish alleged blasphemers, then chaos will reign.
Addressing workers convention at Vanike Tarar today he said that like terrorists blasphemers who injured the sentiments of the Muslims should also be hanged.
But he also notes the different treatment meted out to blasphemers of different social ranks or those whose manner or motive pass whatever muster is currently applicable, especially when that muster and the victim of blasphemy happened to become the state itself.
In 1998 the Roman Catholic bishop of the Pakistani diocese of Faisalabad, John Joseph, grew deeply depressed over the fact that no lawyer could be found who was willing to defend an accused Christian blasphemer.
Namjoo, now living in California, left Iran after being labeled a blasphemer for setting part of the Qoran to his music.
THE BLASPHEMER by Nigel Farndale (Doubleday pounds 10.
The text tells us that the blasphemer came out among the people of Israel, but came out of what?
The 'Sir' title from Britain for blasphemer Salman Rushdie has hurt the sentiments of the Muslims across the world," he said.
Because it is so it is therefore difficult to disentangle fact from fiction: a man who was, or who was said to be, a government spy, a blasphemer, a pub brawler and a homosexual who died aet.
In this work, Fornari argues that "far from being a heretic and blasphemer, a compiler of riddles (as pop esotericism would like), Leonardo was rather a tormented Christian, irregular by necessity but profound and impassioned.
If Jesus sets the woman free, he is setting himself against the authority of his religion and exposing himself as a blasphemer.