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They are using it blasphemously to try and justify their bigoted violence and hatred.
The marriage scene takes place in a London pub where everyone gets drunk, and the irony of a Muslim girl marrying a gay man in a pub where everyone is blasphemously stupefied is disturbingly funny--yet it is one of the funniest scenes to be celebrated in modern literature in English.
Nabucco Welsh National Opera at Birmingham Hippodrome IN Verdi's biblical opera the Babylonian king Nabucco is struck down by Jehovah for having blasphemously declared himself a deity.
The unluckiest even tempt the fate of their species: "It is absolutely necessary, for the peace and safety of mankind, that some of earth's dark, dead corners and unplumbed depths be let alone; lest sleeping abnormalities wake to resurgent life, and blasphemously surviving nightmares squirm and splash out of their black lairs to newer and wider conquests.
She reproves Parker for "talking filth" blasphemously and quotes Ecclesiastes when she denounces his tattoos.
They therefore suffer anxiety attacks and feel as if they are blasphemously rebelling against God, Himself, if they--even for a moment--seriously dare consider conspiring to wrest power from the hands of their oppressors.
Nether "cheeks" blackened and bobbing up to the surface of the pitch here blasphemously evoke this icon of the Sacred Face.
Faustus 120-1) and, after being "grac'd with doctor's name" (120), become a professor, blasphemously involved in "cursed necromancy" (121).
It blasphemously assumes a pretended power Christ never used.
Dillon demonstrates how here, as elsewhere, Marlowe evokes the formal expectations associated with medieval drama only blasphemously to toy with them.
Ironically, and blasphemously, Henri's "voeu" is a secular one, a perverse wish, to have Guise murdered.