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The CNDR differs from conventional tumble blast machines in that it has a unique agitation capability.
We recently completed full deployment of Blast Fusion to our worldwide design centers," said Francis Larochelle, CAD Development manager, for the ASIC division at TI.
Proponents of a test ban have long assumed that a nation could not evade detection in its early experiments, because constraining a blast requires technical sophistication.
To solve this problem, we began zone-blocking the blast play, as shown in Diag.
Maxi-Blast manufactures and distributes a variety of non-abrasive blast media for deflashing rubber and plastic parts, as well as cleaning molds, dies and tooling.
In addition, operator error plays a role in mold wear with silica sand, as one foundry stated "operators can cause premature wear if they blast too hard" and another encountered mold wear "when.