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Dry ice pellet blasting is safe under current OSHA standards, requiring only basic additional safety equipment, like dual hearing protection, face shield, insulated gloves and pellet scoop.
MTA representatives also will start going door-to-door in neighborhoods near the blasting to explain what will happen.
Blasting with sand is so dirty that it is sometimes hard to see the workers, he adds.
To ensure its rigorous schedule, cost and quality standards, Graycor self-performs much of the trade work, two million hours annually, including concrete, carpentry, equipment installation, refractory, boiler work, steel erection, demolition and specialty blasting.
According to Parks, however, it was recently discovered that blasting will be required for a project slated at Fireworks Hill, and other impending projects may require use of explosives.
Over the past 18 months SMI has undertaken comprehensive trials in South African mines, where customers have been able to achieve superior blasting efficiencies.
According to one foundry that still uses silica to clean hard-to-reach areas and ensure complete stripping of coatings, dry ice blasting has resulted in up to a 40% increase in die life.
Independent tests by Wah Chang confirmed the superiority of ice blasting over the chemical cleaning process previously used.
Kolb, president and chief executive officer of Maxwell: ``Over the past two years, excellent results were achieved in preliminary rock and concrete blasting tests with our electrothermal chemical cartridge.
The Blast Wheel - Efficient blasting begins with consistent operation of the blast wheel.
One of the more popular methods was a combination of grit blasting, scraping and chemical treatment.